This service is either offered in person or via video link. Please contact via the Contact Form to discuss which method is most appropriate for your child.

Incontinence in children can have a huge impact on the affected child and their family. They require a child-centred approach and techniques to get them on track with improving continence.

We work with your child, utilising strategies on how to best address their problem, helping them to regain a sense of control with their bladder and bowel.

All of these issues can be addressed with a paediatric pelvic health assessment and  treatment.  Prior to a physio continence assessment, we would recommend a consultation with your primary care physician or GP.

Bedwetting (enuresis)My child’s bed is wet overnight
Daytime wettingMy child’s underwear is wet during the day
UrgencyMy child needs to go to the toilet very suddenly or the desire to go to the toilet is too strong
FrequencyMy child goes more than 7 times a day
ConstipationMy child finds it difficult to poo and doesn’t go very regularly
Giggle incontinenceMy child leaks urine when s/he laughs
Faecal incontinenceMy child leaks poo in his/her underwear and/or doesn’t make it to the toilet in time to poo

Full history and medical details of the condition including any treatment to date.
Bladder and or bowel diary may be requested and overnight leakage episode diary.

Treatment can include education, bladder training, bowel training, down training pelvic floor, breathing exercises, pelvic floor rehab, timed voiding schedules, enuresis training at night. 

[For teenagers] I have pain when inserting a tampon, I have pain after sexual intercourse, I have pain in my vaginal area, buttock, or lower abdomen.

Full assessment and history. External muscle skeletal assessment with possible abdominal ultrasound. No internal pelvic examination will be performed on a minor.

“My daughter attended Karen’s clinic due to continence issues. Over the years my daughter has attended medical and psychological specialists with no discernable improvement. From the first visit Karen made her feel comfortable. She spoke directly to my daughter, including her in the conversation. She explained what she was going to do and proceeded in a caring, yet professional manner. She took the time to explain to us the physical processes associated with my daughter’s issues and came up with a therapy plan that was easy to establish and maintain.

Karen is kind, caring, knowledgeable and gentle. She also uses evidence-based therapies which achieve results.

I would strongly recommend her to anyone (both adults and children) in need of physiotherapy and in particular continence and pelvic floor concerns. She has not only made a significant improvement to my daughter’s quality of life but also to us as a family.”

– A, mother of E, 7 years old

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